Rubber Mask - silicon rubber mask for spiderman cosplay | UncleHulk

Rubber Mask - silicon rubber mask for spiderman cosplay | UncleHulk

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Product Attribute

Size: Average

Color: Red, Yellow, Black

Material: Rubber


Functions and Advantages:

1. Adjust your face shape

To wear a rubber mask underneath the hood can help you to adjust your face shape, which makes your face shape more slim and therefore get a better performance.

Comparison between before and after using rubber mask:



2. Avoid showing the shape of mouth

Somebody will show the shape of his mouth when wearing a Spiderman or a Deadpool hood, which not only is so not cool but also makes you uncomfortable when speaking.



3. Reduce the affection to the lenses caused by breathing

When you wear a zentai suit with a hood, some fog may appear in the lenses due to the hot gas produced by your breath, which may make you feel bad, especially in a cold winter day.

A rubber mask can, to some extend, reduce that phenomenon.


4. Light, not distortion and easy to carry

Besides Spiderman, Rubber Mask is also suit for those who perform some other heroes with hood such as Deadpool, White Tiger and so on.


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a big gird = 1 inch

a small gird = 0.5 inch