Masked Rider Wizard Costum

Masked Rider Wizard Costum

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Product Introduction:

· Back Zippers





     U shape zipper (with undercoat inside)           U shape zipper                      Vertical Zipper

  Vertical Zipper is the most common zipper style of back, with which the suit is easy to wear and take off. But it may make the pattern of the back looks not so good. ( a zipper line shows in the pattern)

  On the contrary, U shape zipper will keep the pattern  integrated but make the suit a bit more difficult to wear and undress.

 For Power Ranger suits, vertical zipper is default.


· Crotch Zippers

  Two Zippers on Crotch (V Crotch Zippers):

Vertical Zippers on Crotch (unisex):


· Special Process for Power Ranger Suits

  Some special crafts are taken to make the suit more comfortable and smoother to wear.


· Inner Hood for Power Rangers (white or black)



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